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In April, my husband, our toddler, and I all took a long drive up to Buffalo NY for me to attend the Dancing For Birth™ training with founder and master trainer Stephanie Larson.
My initial intent was not to get certified as an instructor. My intent was to attend a dynamic training and learn some very useful skills to compliment my doula training and knowledge. I wanted to learn more about the “Larson technique”. The subject of optimal fetal positioning for mothers and babies intrigued me.

Activate Your Instincts™

The training did not disappoint. I came away from it so impressed that I felt I had no choice but to pursue certification. I realized that so many would benefit from regular classes rather than just a few moves being taught at a prenatal meeting. One of the many things I love about Dancing For Birth ™ classes is that they are not only for expectant mothers. Women trying to conceive and in the postpartum period are welcome and encouraged to join class as well. Young babies can be worn during class in carriers or slings while dancing. Furthermore, I am not a trained dancer and never considered myself to be a very good dancer when compared to others. But that is the beauty of Dancing For Birth ™. Even if you think you have two left feet. It is for everyone and anyone. It’s all about attendees finding what works for them and doing what feels comfortable to them. Dancing For Birth™ moves are a light form of exercise. The moves get endorphins flowing and encourage oxytocin production when practiced during labor. During a typical class we stretch, practice deep breathing, talk and share, dance, and strengthen our core and pelvic floor.
Simple moves for safer, easier birth™

Certified Instructor

All of this blog post to say that I am now proudly a Dancing For Birth™ Certified Instructor. I plan on starting a class series soon. I can’t wait to see what mothers do with the skills and knowledge!

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