Core Values

My Mission

To teach and equip expectant, birthing and new parents with the skills, knowledge and confidence to trust their bodies in birth and to follow their own instincts and intuition.

Core Values

Birth Matters

I believe that the birth and early parenthood experience should be valued, respected and honored. A healthy baby is not the only goal. Both your, your partner’s, and your baby’s experiences matter. Birth Matters.

Birth is Physiological and Normal

Normal, physiological birth is not an emergency. Simplicity is almost always a good thing. I teach you natural pain relief techniques to cope with labor and ways for your partner to be as involved as they wish to be.


I provide education, encouragement and support for women who choose to breastfeed. I encourage considering breastfeeding. I am in agreement with the World Health Organization’s guidelines for breastfeeding. It is known to be optimal for both mothers and babies.

I recognize that although breastfeeding is natural it does not always come “naturally”. There is usually a learning curve for everyone involved.

Be Informed

I provide you with evidence-based information so that you can make well informed decisions. I encourage a holistic approach.

It Takes a Village

I believe that early parenthood is often made easier with help. Families are better able to adapt and evolve when others come alongside them to encourage, support and uplift them.