How you experience birth and postpartum matters.

Some part of you already knows that or you wouldn’t be here. Two words that most people often associate with childbirth are pain and fear. Is that true for you too? Studies have shown that if we can eliminate the fear surrounding childbirth, we can lessen if not totally eliminate the experience of it being painful. It takes a paradigm shift. I’m not saying that birth is easy or a walk in the park, though for some it can be. It’s most definitely hard work. That’s why it’s called labor. But childbirth is unlike any other “pain” you’ve experienced; it has a purpose.

Trust Your Instincts

You can trust your instincts. Your own motherly intuition is one of the greatest assets you have. Don’t discount it for anything or anyone (even if they’re an “expert”)! As a parent, you already instinctively want to protect your baby and possess a growing love for this person you are soon to meet. Your story is unique and special in its own right! Part of loving your baby is trying to give them the best start in life possible. I believe that’s why you are here considering a doula. You know that having someone who supports you and believes in you and the birth process can make a world of difference to how your story plays out.


As you begin to fully trust yourself to birth your baby and nurture your child, you begin to become empowered. You already possess the power to do these hard things, but you need to truly believe it and own it. No one can do that for you.

So how can I help?

As a doula, my mission is to support you in acquiring the knowledge, confidence and tools that facilitate you having your desired birth and postpartum experience. We will get familiar with comfort measures, coping methods and ways to connect with your partner. The evidence is clear that having a birth doula can lessen your chance of having an epidural, cesarean birth and even make it more likely that you are satisfied with your birth experience. As a postpartum doula, I am there to be a supportive, non-judgemental presence as you learn the ins and outs of parenting your new baby. It takes a village and unfortunately in our modern society we’ve almost entirely lost that. That’s where I come in. I am passionate about this work I do. Are you ready to start planning your beautiful birth and/or postpartum? Get in touch and let’s talk in person!