Postpartum Doula

A new baby is one of the sweetest things in the world, but things can become challenging at times, especially in the beginning. New parents often feel overwhelmed and overtired.

Postpartum doula care is having that extra pair of hands to help your family adjust to it’s newest addition. But it is more than just an extra pair of hands, a postpartum doula is there for emotional, physical and informational support.

A postpartum doula is not a “baby nurse”. My aim is to encourage the strengthening of the mother/baby bond by letting you focus on just that. My purpose is to serve you and your family however you need it most.

I can help relieve some of the stress and overwhelm during this transitional time of growth for your family. Sometimes all you need is someone in your corner that believes that you can do this.

Having support to get your started on the right foot can mean the difference between enjoying your new baby and thriving, and/or feeling like you are just barely surviving.

What I do varies and is customized to your needs.

Tangible services might include:

  • breastfeeding/lactation/feeding troubleshooting and support
  • basic newborn care
  • sibling care
  • light meal or snack prep
  • safe sleep
  • errand running
  • light housework (laundry, dishes, etc.)
  • babywearing support
  • answering newborn, breastfeeding, or postpartum questions
  • connecting you to helpful resources in your community

Contact me to schedule a free consult to see how I can help you and your family!

Once my services are contracted, we will meet once before baby’s arrival to talk about how I can best serve your family. This prenatal consult will also be a time for me to familiarize myself with your home so that I can better serve you when the time comes.

Postpartum Care Rates


minimum of 3 hour increment(s) at a time.